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SecureCloudDB Documentation


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At SecureCloudDB, we pride ourselves on solving the biggest problem in public cloud: keeping valuable data safe.

We believe there is a better way to do cloud database security; a more valuable, less invasive way where customer trust is earned. Cloud security is constantly evolving, 84% of organizations say traditional security solutions don’t work in cloud environments. We see that as an opportunity to help. Focusing on cloud security and auditor needs, we deliver best in class analytics, alerting, and visualization on how to keep your cloud database secure.

At our core, SecureCloudDB operates on innovation, inclusivity, individuality, and respect - it's what drives us to deliver cybersecurity solutions with you in mind.

In addition, we understand that not everyone is not a cloud security expert and it is not a simple task to secure your cloud accounts. That is why SecureCloudDB's platform is very easy to navigate and understand. However, for anything that may still be confusing, we put together some help documentation along with walk-through videos to remove any potential barriers.

If you run into any questions, comments, or concerns, we encourage you to email us anytime at and we will get back to you shortly!