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Activity Monitoring Dashboard

SecureCloudDB's Database Activity Monitoring ensures that your cloud databases are protected at all times. The DAM dashboard identifies anomalous behavior at the blink of an eye. The type of database actions that SecureCloudDB monitor are Insert, Modify, or Delete.

Activity Summary

The Activity Summary shows how many of your databases are actively being monitored and the total number of actions that have occurred on them. You can click on the Total Actions Performed count to see a more detailed inventory of all the actions. It is crucial that you understand which databases are being monitored so you know where you are susceptible to an attack.

Activity Over Time

The Activity Over Time chart contains counts for each action, per day, over the period of time of your choice. Hovering over any colored section will open a pop-up that shows the count for that type of action for that date. This chart can help you identify any unexpected increase in activity on a day to day basis.

Database Activity By Type

The Database Activity By Type pie chart displays the total distribution of your database activity by type over the entire date range selected. If you have a general idea of how users are interacting with your databases (e.g. data shouldn't be getting deleted or modified as regularly as it is added), this pie chart will help you instantly notice worrisome activity.

Activity By Region

The Activity By Region map provides a breakdown of the user interaction of your databases by region (e.g. us-west-2, us-east-1, etc...). Cloud platforms make it difficult to understand where your data is located. With this map, not only do you see where your data is being hosted, but also who is interacting with it and what they are doing (or trying to do).