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Home Dashboard

The home dashboard for SecureCloudDB contains an overview of your most critical findings. From here, you can navigate into the information you care about most at the click of a button.

Critical Findings

The critical findings list standard counts (total databases and cloud services) for the asset discoveries that you have configured to run thus far. These values are useful for tracking various environments that are constantly spinning up and deleting resources. In addition, you can click on any of the counts to navigate into a filtered inventory of your databases.

Risk Score

The SecureCloudDB Risk Score is an understandable and effective report for getting a full picture of your cloud security standings. You should aim to score 100/100 on each assessment if you want to ensure that your data stays protected and that your business can continue operations at max efficiency.

Database Agent Status

The Database Agent Status provides troubleshooting information on all database agents associated with your environment.

Asset Discovery Status

The Asset Discovery Status displays any ongoing errors from asset discovery scans. You can select a specific error to learn more about it, providing you more information on how to resolve the error.


Your Inventory lists your total number of databases in your organization, the number of databases that have database activity monitoring enabled, the number of backups across all databases, and any critical alerts or violations that are currently active.