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Viewing Alerts

To view your list of alerts, select Alerts in the left navigation menu.

This page lists all the alerts that have occurred based on the configured policies. The table shows the following data:

  • Time: the time the alert was opened.
  • Policy: the name of the associated policy
  • Resource: the resource that triggered the alert
  • Severity: the severity of the alert as set by the policy. Severity levels include:
    • INFO
    • WARN
  • Owner: the primary user assigned to the alert

This is where you'll be able to see a log of all alerts that have happened within your environment based on your set policies. You can view the alerts, the policy related to the alert and the resource that the alert was caused by. To view the alert details click on the Time of the alert.

Alert Destinations

All alerts must have a destination. This can include destinations such as emailing a user, or submitting to AWS Security Hub.

To view destinations, select Alert Destinations in the left navigation menu.