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Security Violations Report

SecureCloudDB's security violations report gives you a full history of any violations our platform has discovered across all accounts. From here, you can click on any of your accounts that show up under the Security Violations History table and get a very detailed view as to what rules are (or were at one point) in violation.

This report is accessible from the left navigation menu under Reports > Security Violations.


In addition to the summary, you can navigate to the Violation to receive more detailed information. The Violations page contains all the rules that have been checked thus far. In addition to the rule itself, it provides the Severity (e.g. CRITICAL, WARNING, or INFO) along with the number of affected databases (which can be clicked and will navigate you to the Databases tab to show the databases in violation).


Similar to the Rules tab, SecureCloudDB provides a table on the security violation statuses of your databases. The table shows each database scanned, the cloud account ID it belongs to, the resource service, State (e.g. IN VIOLATION or OK) and the count of violations.