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Creating your own custom rules

In addition to the robust catalogue of security rules that come with the SecureCloudDB application, users can add new rules with their own Javascript code. This allows users to fully customize their rule sets and receive alerts on whatever they find most important.

Begin creating a rule by heading into the Foundational Security -> Inventory -> Custom Rules section and clicking the blue circle to start the rule creation wizard.

Decide a name for your rule

On the first step, decide a name for your rule and select Continue.

Explain your rule

The second step allows you to write the Description and Rationale for the rule. It is recommended that you leave enough information so that anyone looking at the rule knows it's purpose.

Apply your rule to resources

On the third step, you can choose which Provider, Service, Engine, and any custom tags that you want your new rule applied to. For example, you can apply it to all AWS services, just RDS, etc...

Design your rule


For this step, please refer to the data models documentation for more information on the structure of the SecureCloudDB data models.

When using the model names, please convert the name from snake_case_format to camelCaseFormat in your code.

The second to last step is where you define the logic for your rule. You start by selecting your input (databaseSettings) and then write you function definition based on your selection(s).

Create the rule

Finally, review all your choices from the previous steps. If you are happy with all the data shown, select Create.