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Setting Up Database Activity Monitoring (DAM)


Setting up DAM requires having an asset discovery previously configured and discovered atleast a single database. If you have not yet done so, please create an AWS Authentication method and then an asset discovery and run your first scan.

  1. To get started with setting up your first SecureCloudDB DAM configuration, navigate into the Activity Monitoring page under Setup. On this page, select one of the two options to create a new configuration.

  2. Decide a name for your activity monitoring configuration, or accept the randomly generated one:

  3. On step #2, you can pick which databases you want to monitor. This can be done by selecting each individual database using the Select Databases dropdown menu. Alternatively, you can select the databases by Tags. Using tags, you can make your selection based on the provider, service, and any custom Tags.

  4. In this step, you can decide what data is monitored by SecureCloudDB. Your options are to include key names, key values, items before they were modified (aka "old images"), and items after they were modified (aka "new images").

  5. Similar to asset discovery, when setting up activity monitoring you have multiple ways to configure authentication. Select the authentication method that applies for your DAM configuration. See the AWS Authentication section for more information.

  6. Review all your choices and select Create to finish creating the configuration if everything looks good.

Should everything be configured correctly, your activity monitoring dashboard will begin to show data shortly in real time.

Next Steps

Now that your environment is has both foundational and operational security, you can setup extended access if desired and you haven't yet. Check out the database access section for more information.