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Getting Started with Organization Setup

Account setup

If you haven't already, create a SecureCloudDB Account.

Creating your first organization

  1. When you first sign into SecureCloudDB, you will be taken to the welcome screen. A pop-up will show up, giving you the choice to view demo data or create your first organization.

  2. Please enter a name for your first organization or have SecureCloudDB auto-generate one for you.


    Once a name is assigned to an organization it cannot be changed.

  3. On the next step, you have the option to jump into Setting up Asset Discovery by selecting the DO IT NOW! option. An asset discovery is running a scan of an environment you provide. It will result in a full inventory of your cloud databases and a comprehensive assessment of your environment and security posture.


Setting up an asset discovery right now is not required, however you will not recieve analytics until a discovery is configured and ran.

Creating more than one Organization

  1. Open the organizations drop down from the top of the screen (to the right of the SecureCloudDb logo) and select Manage Organizations (shown below.)

  2. If this is your first time, the organizations list will be empty with a Register a new organization link in the middle. Otherwise, it will show your organizations and you can add a new one by clicking the blue circle Add icon. Choose one of the two to continue.

  3. On the details page, change the title to something more appropriate or leave it as is. The description is optional and has no affect on functionality. It can be used to help you track how each Organization is used or deployed. If you are an MSP, add the name of your organization to the Managed By input.

  4. Add the emails of any members that you would like to share your data with. As an owner of the organization, you have the ability to remove them whenever required.

  5. The emails page allows you to include a default email to send reports and alerts to. This can be useful to periodically send reports to your boss, compliance teams, or developers.

  6. Review your choices. If everything looks good, click Create to finish creating your organization.

Next Steps

Once done, you can begin configuring your organization to ingest data from your aws cloud account. We recommend getting started by selecting the method that SecureCloudDB will authenticate to your environment creating an AWS Authentication method.