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Ensure Elasticsearch domain is using three or more dedicated master nodes.


Amazon Elasticsearch Service uses dedicated master nodes to increase cluster stability.


A dedicated master node performs cluster management tasks, but does not hold data or respond to data upload requests. This offloading of cluster management tasks increases the stability of your domain.

Applies To

  • Databases


This rule is applied when the following tags are present:

Tag With Value
secureclouddb/provider aws
secureclouddb/service elasticsearch

Default Rule

 * @param {Object} awsElasticsearchDomainStatus - Elasticsearch Domain Status
 * @returns {boolean} true if the domain is using three or more dedicated master nodes
function validate(databaseSettings) {

    const success =
        databaseSettings.awsDatabaseInstance &&
        databaseSettings.awsDatabaseInstance.elasticsearchDomain &&
        databaseSettings.awsDatabaseInstance.elasticsearchDomain.elasticsearchClusterConfig &&
        databaseSettings.awsDatabaseInstance.elasticsearchDomain.elasticsearchClusterConfig.dedicatedMasterEnabled &&
        databaseSettings.awsDatabaseInstance.elasticsearchDomain.elasticsearchClusterConfig.dedicatedMasterCount &&
        databaseSettings.awsDatabaseInstance.elasticsearchDomain.elasticsearchClusterConfig.dedicatedMasterCount >= 3

    return {

// invoke